Impactful and Dynamic Web Design

Jon took our lackluster band's website and made it come alive in both color and content. He took the same pride in designing and delivering a quality product that my band (SWEET CRYSTAL) does when it produces a new song. I would (and have) recommend Jon in an instant to give your Internet presence the impact and visual dynamics it needs to compete.

- Marq Andrew Speck


Jon is the god of web design

I asked Jon for something edgy and non-conservative, yet still impressive and professional. He exceeded my wildest expectations with the "Emerald Man" logo, and the entire site. He really "got" the vibe of the show - and expressed it visually. 8 months later, the compliments are still coming in. In addition, working with Jon was a pleasure. He took the time to answer my (sometimes inane) questions and treated me with the same importance as his larger clients. In a word, Jon ROCKS.

- Janet Cole Valdez


Jon is the World's Web Design Master

Jon is so creative and enthusiastic in his web-design. I enjoy working with him and love giving him work. His web-design skills are Masterful and Intelligent. Thanks Jon for all the exceptional work!

- Monica Morrison


All the skills and twice the heart

Jon is the kind of designer who not only knows how to build a site, he also cares about the artist him or herself. He himself is an artist, so he understands where you're coming from. He sincerely wants to help you get your product out to the world, and he's really good at doing just that. He is both talented and compassionate. I'm really impressed. If you're looking for a very talented, adept designer who is kind, fun, and easy to work with, look no further than Jon.

- Cheryl Bliss